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My process is intrinsically meditative as I forage for seasonal botany around local woodlands and grow my own dye plants in a dedicated colour garden. Subsequently, the plants I embed into my works are selected intuitively, often qualifying due to their ability, through form or colour to spark joy. 


Each textile piece I make is born out of a lengthy and wonderfully tactile series of painted and layered natural dye processes, with the outcomes yielded often wildly dissimilar from their initial appearance. I often add lifting highlights of gold leaf and dried botany to add further texture and depth. As a result of this, the completed works are entirely unique, a coalescence of organic and crafted elements. 

Most importantly, I create my works guided by emotion, memory and the physicality of local landscapes. Each piece is delightfully unplanned and exploratory with an implicit celebration of the transience and ageing of natural pigments.

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