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Educational Workshops


I offer a range of natural dye workshops for all age ranges and abilities giving you the chance to explore a whole host of natural dye processes including bundle dyeing, dip-dyeing, plant hammering, and painting with natural dyes & modifiers.


I also cover topics like sustainable textiles, growing a natural dye garden, foraging for natural dyes and an introduction to natural dye practice. These workshops work wonderfully on both a sign up basis, and as part of an educational or community setting.

Artisan Workshops


Great for gifting, parties, special occasions or those looking to meet other like-minded makers, these cosy workshops are dedicated to creating a high quality end result in an intimate setting with refreshments. 

We will explore the art of embedding natural pigments into cloth using a range of sustainable processes to create Silk Scarves, Silk Pillowcases or re-usable Furoshiki Wrapping Sets. These detailed workshops can be organised in a bespoke manner for established groups as well as offered on a sign up basis at local hosting galleries and studios.

My upcoming scheduled workshops will be listed below.

For enquiries about natural dye workshops for schools, private groups and events, please email

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